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live SAFER and BETTER...

Personalized Home Assessments for a Higher Quality of Life

Innovative OT NC can help you live better, safer and more independently in your home... 

Are you or a loved one experiencing...

  • Changes in how you move around the home?

  • Difficulty with completing daily activities?

  • Changes in abilities to complete home maintenance tasks (load the dishwasher, vacuum, clean, etc)?

  • Difficulty climbing stairs, getting to the bathroom at night or opening doors?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Innovative OT NC can help!

What Are Your Terms...

What is Important To You?

What is Innovative OT NC?

Innovative OT NC aims to help people live safely and independently in their homes despite life changes. The hope is that we can help people plan to live as they want to as they age and/or experience life changes at any point in their life. 


We strive to help clients be able to live in the place of their choice while performing the daily activities that are important to them while remaining safe and independent.


We provide quality assessments to clients for optimal solutions to remain independent and safe despite changes in life that change the client's abilities to perform daily activities that are important to them. We focus on providing solutions to modify the home environment and/or task to reduce the risk of falls, increase safety and increase independence in the home.

Why are OTs the best professional for home assessments?

To answer that, we first need to understand the profession of occupational therapy....

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) is a profession that uses meaningful activities to facilitate improvements in health and safety. It is a collaborative approach to help clients return to doing what is important to them and/or prevent injury for safe engagement in meaningful activity. If you are unable to perform self-care (grooming, dressing, bathing), or perform household activities (cooking, cleaning, laundry, changing light bulbs, lawn care), or move about your home like you used to (navigating around the home, getting in and out of the tub/shower or even hobbies such as gardening or exercise or engage in work tasks like you used to, then OT might be able to help. 

Why OTs can offer the most comprehensive home safety assessment?

OTs will assess how a person performs tasks around the home, assesses the environment both in and around the home, and makes recommendations that takes into consideration the client's health goals. This allows for a comprehensive home assessment that will provide personalized recommendations for appropriate changes to the home and/or equipment that will optimize the client's abilities and functional goals for safety and independence. 


Karen Johnson, MOT, OTR/L, CBIS, CAPS

Phone: 984.464.2737

Fax: 984.202.2144

Mailing Address: 644 Holly Springs Road ste 148, Holly Springs, NC, USA

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