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Meet Your OT


My name is Karen Johnson and I am an occupational therapist with over 18 years of experience who is passionate about helping people engage in activities that are important to them despite changes in life. I believe we can promote health and wellness through better lifestyle management which includes preventative care and rehabilitation. My education and professional experience has uniquely prepared me to provide occupational therapy services to optimize engagement in occupations that are important to the individual.  I am a successful OT, wife, mother of two girls, daughter of aging parents, and a resource to family and friends... all while living with my own autoimmune disease. 

I have worked with many populations with a significant amount of experience helping people after a stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and other neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.  My ambition is to help people prevent injury and stay as independent as possible starting in their homes.  I welcome the opportunity to help you return to living like you want and offer strategies to prevent further injury.  When you work with me, you should expect personalized assessments and recommendations. I will perform a personalized assessment of your current abilities and use my understanding of how your current condition can impact your function to create a plan that will keep you as independent and safe as possible in your home.  Want to learn more? Contact me today.

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